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Timmy T-Rex

Timmy is our animatronic T-Rex. Timmy is fully capable of movement and his roars can be heard throughout the museum. Timmy teaches children about how dinosaurs like him looked and acted while they roamed the Earth.

The Safari Zone

The Safari Zone gives kids a chance to have hands on experience with a diverse group of animals and learn about wildlife biology and ecology. The Safari Zone currently houses 10 different species of reptile and amphibian.


Little HEB

The little HEB allows children to learn about math and money management by role playing as either a shopping adult or as a cashier.

Gears & Spheres

Gears and Spheres allows kids to learn about force and motion via hands-on exploration. Gears and Spheres features a variety of pulleys, levers, and inclined planes that will allow to children to learn while they play.

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Imaginarium Exhibits


The Imaginarium offers a wide variety of interactive exhibits where kids can explore the world of STEAM and let their imaginations run wild.

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